The Trend of August

Deserve me at my best Tweet

I have been a fan of trends ever since I had a passion for digital media. Seeing trends is critical in engaging with new fans that can like, share, or comment on a certain item you are presenting.


My favorite example of a trend we fortunately caught in my job was the, “If you don’t love me at my worst, then you don’t love me at my best” tweet.  This had no relevance to our campaigns, but we took the leap of faith. It became the most retweeted and liked post of 2018 to date.


Life can bring you trends as well. I went back and forth about writing this piece, but this is to prove a point, not a “go me” type of post. August has been a trendy time for me these past couple of years.


2015: Winning the Globetrotters Fan-Draft Contest

Popular to contrary belief, I don’t talk about this as much as people think I do. Unless you bring it up, I will never talk about it. It’s on my bios of social media, but it’s never an icebreaker for me.

Globetrotter Team Photo

 However, this was probably one of the best experiences I have ever had with marketing and the experience itself. If you have lived under a rock (sorry, had to put it that way) and have no idea what I am talking about, here’s a video, an article, and photos.


2016: Getting my First “Big Boy Job”

I had the pleasure of experiencing my first “academic-related major” job during my junior year of college at our local NBC affiliate, WBRE/WYOU as a temporary producer. Although news was not for me, I learned a lot about myself and what I wanted to do. That’s why I always encourage everyone to get internships and experience no matter what you study before you graduate. It’ll help make your decisions clearer.


2017: Securing my Graduate Assistant Position

Here we are today. Never thought I would ever be continuing my education for my Master’s, but the benefits and the experiences I am getting working in the Alumni Relations department has been nothing but positive.


2018: ???

I wrote this to make a point to never assume anything. Yes, I had the pleasure of experiencing and gaining things I am super thankful for, but I can’t expect anything is going to be handed to me. Recently, I have personally been working on patience and going with the flow of things. It is possible to make things happen. Set goals for yourself, but don’t sell yourself short with them. Give it you’re all.


I forgot to mentioned that trends sometimes do not work. Anyone remember the social media Vero? Trended for a good week on the App Store’s top social media app. It now ceases to exist.


Do I have high hopes for August? Of course I do. However, I will consider August still trending whether the successes are small or big.


Best of luck to you all in August!