The Trend of August

Deserve me at my best Tweet

I have been a fan of trends ever since I had a passion for digital media. Seeing trends is critical in engaging with new fans that can like, share, or comment on a certain item you are presenting.


My favorite example of a trend we fortunately caught in my job was the, “If you don’t love me at my worst, then you don’t love me at my best” tweet.  This had no relevance to our campaigns, but we took the leap of faith. It became the most retweeted and liked post of 2018 to date.


Life can bring you trends as well. I went back and forth about writing this piece, but this is to prove a point, not a “go me” type of post. August has been a trendy time for me these past couple of years.


2015: Winning the Globetrotters Fan-Draft Contest

Popular to contrary belief, I don’t talk about this as much as people think I do. Unless you bring it up, I will never talk about it. It’s on my bios of social media, but it’s never an icebreaker for me.

Globetrotter Team Photo

 However, this was probably one of the best experiences I have ever had with marketing and the experience itself. If you have lived under a rock (sorry, had to put it that way) and have no idea what I am talking about, here’s a video, an article, and photos.


2016: Getting my First “Big Boy Job”

I had the pleasure of experiencing my first “academic-related major” job during my junior year of college at our local NBC affiliate, WBRE/WYOU as a temporary producer. Although news was not for me, I learned a lot about myself and what I wanted to do. That’s why I always encourage everyone to get internships and experience no matter what you study before you graduate. It’ll help make your decisions clearer.


2017: Securing my Graduate Assistant Position

Here we are today. Never thought I would ever be continuing my education for my Master’s, but the benefits and the experiences I am getting working in the Alumni Relations department has been nothing but positive.


2018: ???

I wrote this to make a point to never assume anything. Yes, I had the pleasure of experiencing and gaining things I am super thankful for, but I can’t expect anything is going to be handed to me. Recently, I have personally been working on patience and going with the flow of things. It is possible to make things happen. Set goals for yourself, but don’t sell yourself short with them. Give it you’re all.


I forgot to mentioned that trends sometimes do not work. Anyone remember the social media Vero? Trended for a good week on the App Store’s top social media app. It now ceases to exist.


Do I have high hopes for August? Of course I do. However, I will consider August still trending whether the successes are small or big.


Best of luck to you all in August!


A Balancing Act – Other Duties As Assigned

Before accepting my current job, I was handed the job description. Reading through my objectives and tasks, I reached an odd phrase at the end: “..and other duties as assigned.” Jokingly, I asked my fellow colleague about what that entails and he laughed saying, “Welcome to the job!” In this blog series, I will describe to you some of the weirdest tasks I was assigned to in, “Other Duties As Assigned”


I had the opportunity to be the event photographer for our alumni weekend at our university that I work at. We were celebrating the 50th reunion of the class of 1968.


One of the things in particular that I was assigned to do was to take a class photo of the class of 1968, It was the biggest class that has ever attended in the span of five years of our alumni weekends.


One of the things I had in mind was I wanted to make sure I got their clock that they fundraised enough money for it to be put on campus in dedication to one of their fellow classmates who passed away.


So, I was thinking, “How do I get to the clock? How do I get everyone in the shot?” At the end of the class’s lunch they all came outside towards the clock and I said, “Okay, here’s what we’re

going to do…stand in front of the clock, and I’ll think of something.”


As the class of 1968 was lining up, I remember there was a bench far enough to hopefully get the shot, but would elevate me enough to get the entire class in.


I first stood on the part of the bench you sat, no luck. Flipped my camera to live-view and held my hands up, still not enough. I knew I had to go higher. The only way to go higher was the back-rest.


I went for it. My vice-president luckily was there to initially help me up without falling, but my balance was lacking. I had two colleagues support my left and right leg. An alumna’s husband from the class of ’68 took initiative to hold the back of my belt to prevent me from falling backwards. The ladies of the class were laughing and hopefully scared for my safety when I was attempting to get the shot.


Overall, I knew it was crazy, some classmates you could not see their faces, but it turned out to be a nice photo to commemorate the weekend.


Next time, I’m getting a drone. No exceptions.


The “Wink”


“A wink takes less than a second to do, but will benefit someone for the rest of their life.”

I will play a podcast or two for some white noise when I am extensively working at my computer. There are times where I am working and my ears will perk up and send this shock straight to my brain to focus on the podcast.

For this podcast, it was none other than Gary Vaynerchuck. Gary (as explained on, is a serial entrepreneur and the CEO and co-founder of VaynerMedia, a full-service digital agency servicing Fortune 500 clients across the company’s 4 locations. I highly recommend if you are trying to market your business or just need advice on crushing daily work life, he’s the man to listen to.

Gary’s podcast was on “5 Tips To Help Teachers and Professors.” He emphasizes the fact of putting passion and caring into the idea of teaching their students to the best of their ability. He dislikes when teachers become “robotic” and giving a checkmark to the student that pass an exam because he or she regurgitated information on an exam because it is required by the higher up thereof.

The idea of not following the playbook of the curriculum of the public high school is not practical for students of the generation. Gary suggested to a teacher that called in during a live Q&A to grab a student that is willing to learn more than just reading a book and be able to grow their own experiences by giving them the “wink.” He put it in a way where the “wink” made by the teacher gives the student the knowledge that the teacher understands the student’s situation of being required to complete the said class. The teacher does know however the student has much more potential than the grade he or she received during the class and wants to reach that untapped potential he or she would not be able to in the classroom.

It made me realize that I was given the “wink” back in high school. As I reflected for the short five minutes, I realized how much that has changed my life.

The teacher’s name is Shawn. Shawn was at the time a technology education teacher and manager of the theater at my high school. He would teach metal tech, drafting, graphic design, and television productions.

Honesdale High School Semi-Formal

Posing after being crowned semi-formal prince with Shawn and his wife, Becky.

For those of you who do not know, my love and interest for communications really lit on fire when I entered my freshmen year into high school. I was fortunate enough to get into his TV productions course my first semester. There, we learned the process of production, how to edit, how to script write, etc.. It was truly indeed a class I will not forget. Next semester, however, I was no longer in that class.

During the second semester one morning, my strict homeroom teacher told me that I needed to see Shawn during homeroom. It was a sigh of relief of the fact that I got out of homeroom. I went to Shawn and he pitched me the idea of doing an independent study for the next three years of high school. This way, I can sharpen my skills in video editing and also learn more about television productions and communications in general. I said yes without even hesitating.

Shawn gave me the opportunity to grow. He knew there was potential for growing the interest and honing my skill. Overall, he cared about my progress. It was more than just reading a bunch of chapters and seeing if I got all ten questions right on a quiz. He cared if I actually cared about what I learned.

Shawn and I developed a great relationship those next three years. I still keep the letter of recommendation with me for when he wrote it when I applied for colleges to this day. He was there for me for the good times such as getting the television studio named after me. Ironic how I was first timid in that room, to then bringing guests and people into the room and running the equipment without missing a beat. He also has been with me through the bad such as supporting me during an accident I had one morning commute to school. I didn’t even get a chance to find him, he was there waiting for me as soon as I got in the door.

A blurry yet important picture the last time Shawn and I worked together when I was still in high school

To this “wink” I have received, It’s important to advocate for those who surround you not just because you have to be with them every day, but that’s what I think people should do more often. I am not recommending all co-workers or teachers and students to gather around and sing Kumbaya. I think we need to steer off the beaten path and give the younger generation the opportunity to learn differently or strengthen what their true potential stands for.

I also think that it is important to not grade a student based on how well he or she does in the class. Maybe a student hates science but loves English. We indeed need both professions, but the student doesn’t need to be proficient in both of them.

A wink takes less than a second to do, but will benefit someone for the rest of their life.

Shawn is not just a teacher, he is a genuine person. He just doesn’t “do” his job to get the paycheck at the end of the week. Shawn is hoping to bring the new leaders and people who will make a difference in the world to the next level.

So if you’re reading this at all Shawn, thank you (and no, thank you).

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Happy 2018!

Greetings fellow readers!

So, is 2018 the time where we are teleporting and engaging in hologram devices? No… Okay.

I know it has been quite a while since my last post, but there is always a new year’s resolution!

A lot has happened since my last blog post, but there is definitely great news to present!

  • Graduated with my Bachelor of the Arts in Communications.
  • Obtained a Graduate Assistant Position at Misericordia University working in digital media in University Advancement.
  • Certified in Google Analytics.
  • New Logo (as you can probably tell).

I can probably go on with the amount of greatness that has happened during my hiatus, but I am here to give you a loose promise! I hope to continue to add more content on this website (specifically blog posts) to entertain and bring value to those who read it.

My work/life schedule is adjusted slightly with less classes, but more work responsibilities, but I am going to try and bring to you content at least once a week. I believe I bit off more than I was able to chew in my last promise, so we are going to start with baby steps!

I am looking forward to this journey and I hope you tag along with me!