Snapchat Madness

Snapchat averages 158 million users every day as reported by Biz Carson of Business Insider.

From what I consider an unorthodox way of marketing, Snapchat is missed opportunity for SO many businesses.

I have had the extreme pleasure of working with the Misericordia University Cheerleading team on creating filters for events they have participated in. This amazing team has brought community awareness such as raising nearly $1,000 for Saint Jude Children’s Hospital and hosting a Go Pink game to benefit the American Cancer Society. I would go on to talk about the many things that they do, but that could be saved for a full blog post within itself.

Here’s what the cheerleading team does well besides tick-tocks and tumbling: They are present both physically and in the digital world.

Getting back to the unorthodox style of Snapchat, a filter is one way you can get your name or event out. Call-to-actions with Snapchat are very rare, but are possible. Take for example the Moonlight Madness filter. This was an event organized by the team to celebrate the kick-off of the winter season.

By having this filter, they are accomplishing two things.

  1. They are able to brand snapchats from multiple people. This brings awareness to the actual event. Since this is held on a yearly basis, it is able to bring more attendance possibly to the next Moonlight Madness.
  2. They’re branding themselves. “Sponsored by Misericordia Cheer” gives more opportunity to entice the viewer to find out more about the team.

Did I tell you it is not that expensive to put a filter up? The Madness filter in a gym-sized area for two hours came at about five dollars.

With the smart thinking of the team, they had approximately 1,085 people viewed snapchats with the filter applied. There were only 44 people that used the filter. Imagine if the team encouraged to use the filter more, or had a longer duration of the filter to be used? Endless possibilities are here, even though Snapchat posts are able to be viewed for 24-hours.