Does The Price of a Camera Really Matter?

A camera is a powerful tool. It can tell a story, capture a moment, or is just put in your closet in a box.

What’s crazy to me is a camera has become so advanced that sometimes, you don’t need the most expensive camera to get great photos. I put a poll below for those who are interested in participating.

Which photo do you like more? Photo 1 or Photo 2?

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It’s now time for the big reveal. . .

Photo 1:

Camera: 2017 iPhone 8 Plus 12MP Camera; ƒ/1.8 aperture; Portrait mode.

Photo 2:

Canon 80D EOS 80D 24MP Camera; 45-point AF system with all cross-type points. / Lens: Canon EF 50mm ƒ/1.8 STM

Are you surprised?

Now wouldn’t an iPhone that has half the megapixels not even be comparable to a Canon 80D? I would argue that the iPhone is competitive to the Canon.

Some people are always under the impression that to take the best pictures, you need to buy the most expensive camera. Yes, if you looked up the price of the Canon 80D you would complain saying that it is not a cheap camera. I understand that. What cringes me the most is when people have a Canon 5D Mark iv‘s around their neck or having a Sony Alpha a7R III taking photos of their kid at their little league baseball game. I know I sound very harsh when I am stating my case, but it is almost like driving a Bugatti 35 mph on a highway. Bugatti’s are meant to be used to their fullest potential (yet I do not condone speeding)!

Anyone has the freedom to purchase a camera, but I would suggest finding ways to get the most out of your camera. Even if it is just an iPhone, be able to use it to it’s fullest potential. Did you know if you have portrait mode you are able to toggle it on and off? What about if you push to focus and see a “sun” you can swipe up or down to adjust the exposure? Get your money’s worth when investing in something of this price.

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