Stronger Together – Misericordia Fund

The Annual Fund Office at Misericordia University creates, strategizes and executes a theme every fiscal year. Fiscal Year 2021 brought the theme “Stronger Together.” This theme brings understanding to the community, even during a pandemic, that we are Stronger Together.

Make your impact today: Despite a semester that offered more than its share of COVID-inspired challenges, students like Michael Diakunczak ’20 considers himself very lucky. With the help of alumni like you and the support of amazing faculty and staff, he had an exceptional four years as a Misericordia student. Without the financial assistance of scholarships, and the inspiration and support of generous donors, his college experience could have been much different.

The invaluable life lessons he learned from his football coaches and professors as a student-athlete motivated him to cross the goal line. The legacy of Misericordia and the Sisters of Mercy exemplifies for all students on how much can be accomplished when you are a part of a very special community. We are definitely stronger together.

Mike was inspired through his understanding and importance of your support and joined the student organization, Students Today, Alumni Forever (STAF), a team of future philanthropists that focuses on leadership development, philanthropic activities, and school pride. The history of giving provided the inspiration for students like him to understand the value and grace derived from giving back to others. He enjoyed leading by example, by showing his classmates how the generosity of alumni and friends has impacted the University and all of its students.

Take a moment and remember how it felt to be a student at Misericordia and how it changed your life. At a time when many students are facing unexpected financial challenges brought on by the pandemic, please consider supporting Misericordia University students by making a gift to the Misericordia Fund. Your gift will make a difference in a current student being able to return to campus, and will surely enable future students to pursue their professional ambitions.

Thank you for all the ways your support has made an impact on students like Mike. Your generosity is appreciated more than you could know!