• Ep. 008 – Alison Counterman

    Episode 8 features Alison Counterman. Alison serves as a Digital Coordinator for Cumulus Media. She also is a POUND instructor in her spare time.

    Growing Pros Ep. 8

  • Ep. 007 – Sidney Kabinoff

    Episode 7 features Sidney Kabinoff. Sidney graduated from Misericordia University with degrees in Philosophy and Medical and Health Humanities.

    Growing Pros Ep. 7

  • Ep. 006 – Abigail Corrigan

    Episode 6 features Abigail Corrigan, a junior marketing major at The University of Scranton. She currently serves as a Communications Intern for both the University's marketing department as well as the Mayor's Office in Scranton, PA.

    Growing Pros Ep. 6

  • Ep. 005 – Mariah Curtis

    This week, we talk with Mariah Curtis a social media assistant at ENX2 Marketing in Dallas, PA. We talk about how Mariah navigated her way of finding her passion and wanting to dabble more into podcasting.

    Growing Pros Ep. 5 – Mariah

  • Ep. 004 – Margo Reed

    This week, we talk to Margo Reed, an editorial and commercial photographer based out of Philadelphia.

    Growing Pros Ep. 4

  • Ep. 003 – Dani Clifford

    This week, we talk to Dani Clifford, a Senior Statistics and Sports Management Major at Misericordia University. She will be attending the Villanova Charles Widger School of Law in August. She's excited about the next chapter, but can't resist talking about her leadership experience as an orientation coordinator at Misericordia University for three years.

  • Ep. 002 – Denis Kennedy

    This week, we talk to Denis Kennedy, a Senior Marketing Major at King's College and recently hired as a content developer at Blitzalytics.

    Ep. 002 – Denis Kennedy

  • Ep. 001 – Camaryn Lokuta

    This week, we talk to Camaryn Lokuta, a Senior Marketing Major at Penn State University and an Account Manager at Socialocca.